The story of Chef Wendell

As Cinnamon Toast Crunch marks its 30th birthday this year, the brand team is also taking time to salute Chef Wendell, the cereal’s baker.
wendell cinnamon toast crunch

CTC’s most famous chef

The cereal debuted in 1984. Wendell went to work at that time too – along with his two sidekick bakers, Bob and Quello – and first appeared on the CTC box and in advertising in 1987.

You might remember them singing in this commercial.

Wendell was first called out by name on the box in 1990.

The other two chefs were taken off the CTC box in 1991, as Wendell took over top billing.

Wendell also was prominent on the back of the box, including this one promoting CTC as the “The Taste You Can See.”

While Wendell hasn’t appeared on the front of the box since 2009, and was recently taken off the back of the box too, he’s still at work on CTC behind the scenes as the cereal celebrates 30 years as a Big G brand.

Wendell’s cohorts in promoting the cinnamon goodness of CTC, the Crazy Squares, are now the featured characters in advertising and on the box. The Crazy Squares have been helping us tell the Cinnamon Toast Crunch story on TV since 2010.

The brand team used the Crazy Squares to honor Wendell on the CTC social media accounts, earlier this year.

So, you just never know when Wendell will make another appearance. Cinnamon Toast Crunch surely wouldn’t be what it is without him!